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Battlefield Bad Company Up and coming...


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Up and coming release in the BF series



Battlefield: Bad Company Features


Battlefield: Bad Company

Developer(s) Digital Illusions CE

Publisher(s) Electronic Arts

Distributor(s) Electronic Arts

Series The Battlefield series

Engine Frostbite Engine

Release date(s) TBA 2008

Genre(s) First Person Shooter

Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Platform(s) Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,PSP,PC

Media DVD, Blu-ray Disc


Destructible Environments


One of the new features exclusive to Bad Company will be the addition of 90% destructible environments. Most of the terrain will be able to be destroyed, enabling players to create strategies with this new opportunity. For example, snipers might be able to blow away a corner of a building so that they could use that section as a place from which to fire. This does not mean that they are invincible, however. Vehicles such as tanks will have the firepower to destroy many of these buildings, encouraging the player to retreat and find another strategic point.




In a move similar to Battlefield 2142, the number of soldier classes will be lowered, resulting in a combination of the classic soldier classes. This will create "new loadouts of weapons and equipment."




Available weapons are currently unknown, but they will likely contain modern favorites as well as some new concepts based on future weaponry, such as the XM8 rifle with an M320 40mm grenade launcher that is shown in a few of the screenshots. Also in the magazine "PLAYSTATION", it has a screenshot of the player holding an AT-4 rocket launcher and the M8 assault rifle.




Ironsight is an aiming mode to be featured in the game, as it was in Battlefield 2. Aiming without Ironsight in Bad Company will now cause your firing direction to move in random directions to take away repetitive fire, just as it would work in real life. Using Ironsight will help to improve a player's aim, causing the player to focus on his target and temporarily blur out surrounding objects.


Gameplay Modes


Well-known for its popular multiplayer support, DICE will take on a different strategy for this game and focus additionally on the single-player component, while still maintaining the multiplayer features expected from a Battlefield game. Once again the Battlefield Theme returns in elements for the main music.


Single Player

Haggard, one of the single player mode characters as shown in a trailer released February 2007. Haggard, one of the single player mode characters as shown in a trailer released February 2007. The sarge.


While not much is revealed at the moment, the story, which takes place "just a few years into the future, involves a group of four AWOL soldiers who spot a truck full of gold crossing the border and figure the army doesn't pay them well enough not to desert and steal the gold. Their adventures will take place in locations such as Eastern Europe and other locations around the world. Whether or not the plot will involve the world's superpower armies is yet to be seen.




* Haggard is a soldier who apparently has a careless personality, shown by his amazement at his ability to "blow up anything." After discovering this fact from the narrator, he aimlessly fires at two buildings before taking out the cameraman. He considers himself and the sergeant to be a great team.


* The currently nameless Sarge, Haggard's superior, has a more serious attitude toward whatever situation he is in, although he still has a somewhat prideful personality, using the war as a way to obtain "gold, revenge, and whatever's worth fighting for."




Multiplayer mode will support up to 24 players, though some sources are hinting 50 players. Latency concerns have not been addressed. Revealed screenshots hint that battles will take place in environments similar to Battlefield 2. Example locations will include towns and tropical areas. Recent screenshot confirms the return of the US HMMWV, tanks, and helicopters.


Video clip on Youtube:

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Yup. I figure EA is using parts of the Crysis engine for the detroyable battlefield. The video looks cool. But there are two things I am sure of...


1. It will be a ranked game.

2. It will still crash like BF2 and BF2142.

3. It will have a third party server management program.


I wish they would figure out these problems before they moved onto new releases. The game should have an in-game admin system like ETQW.

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