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Transferring TCAdmin


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I have a server at TP that has been giving me trouble so I am canceling it and moving to a new server. Do I need to do anything special to transfer the license over or do I just download a new TCAdmin setup and install on the new server?


Thanks ECF and Luis for your excellent support by the way.

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TCA Works great with this.


We had a machine moved this past weekend from point a to point b. Simply redid the configuration file on the machine, deleted all the old ips from the monitor, added all the new ones....Went through each user and gave them a new ip, restarted the servers...Yippie'o'Kay'yey we were in business within 10 minutes.


As for completely transferring from 1 dedicated to another dedicated, its quite helpful to have both machines up, and then moving the servers works perfectly. Even updates the ips for you! (Except for overwritten command lines)


TCA is very helpful in migration :)

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