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Only on ip works


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Vet, would you talk to someone like that in person?


This forum used to be fun to read, but people are more interested in being nasty. I have seen on a number of occasions people ask for help and instead of answers, get questioned as to why they need the help or in Vets case only to be insulted.


If someone, any age, wants to try to start a server company or run a server for fun so be it.

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Problem is they don't want too "run" a company, they just want too "open" one and have all the other GSP’s "run" it for them.

Running a company is not asking someone else how to do everything, and then you’re the one that actually does it. Running a company is learning/knowing the facts about the decisions that need to be made, and then making them.

It’s fine to ask for that extra little insight on something out of the ordinary. It’s not fine to ask someone to spoon feed you for free, and then get nasty when they ignore you, or say they have better things to do. Which has been the bigger part of nasty remarks I’ve seen. I don't like any of the snide posts, but right or wrong (I’d say wrong), many are just GSP’s that are tired of the nasty remarks when no one replies because they haven't done even the basic homework.

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only one of my ips work, i have 16 only the main ip works, and all the ips r ping able. so i dont knwo why, please help.


Your ip's are not binded to your network card if the TCAdmin import feature is not pulling them in, go to:


Start -> Settings -> Network connections.


Right click on your connection, callup properties.


Highlight TCP/IP, then click properties.


Notice your subnet mask, right it down, will be 255.255.255.XX


Click Advanced at the bottom. Then you'll see an ip list (with 1 ip in yoru case) Add each additional IP your suppose to have with that same subnet. Be certain not to add any ip's you haven't paid for.



I noticed you said all the ip's are pingable. Then, if thats the case, this solution is not the one your looking for. But someone else may have a similar issue so I'll leave it as is.

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Oh come on, lets me honest, lets imagine for a second we are all sitting in a bar somewhere talking. By all, I mean the heads of the say top 5 or 6 companies on this forum.


Guy walks up to us and says "only one of my ips work, i have 16 only the main ip works, and all the ips r ping able. so i dont knwo why, please help."


There is no sentences, half the words are mumbled (spelled wrong) the grammar makes no sense. Also, we know that this market is over saturated with these types of "business owners" who are breaking the law, operating shady operations all to the continual detriment of market conditions.


Call me an asshole, but I would surely tell him to grow up and if he is going to ask a question of his "peers" to at least have the common courteously to address us in a professional manor. I think HE was the one being rude.

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Lets see, this is a forum that has people coming from all different countries to get information and you judge someone by their grammar? You sure he is American and understands English all that well? You are all so righteous about being game providers that do it right. Spare me...I have done business with at least one of the biggest providers here and the crap he would come up with was a joke. Everyone starts somewhere. How about you give the person the benefit of the doubt and answer his questions.


Smile away Vet, just because someone agrees with you doesn't mean you both aren't rude and wrong.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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