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For some reason this post has struck my curiosity because I would love to hear some of the support tickets that they have received. I am going to take some guesses.


"How do I make my CSS servers 100 tic?"

"How do I setup redirect on my CSS servers?"

"How do I install zblock on my CSS servers?"

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Worse than that I am afraid...


We are going to be tightening the reigns around here on what support we offer. it seems that everyone think we should troubleshoot their games for them, or some mod, or show them how to add IPs to their server's NIC card.


We build control panel software. We are not a GSP learning center.

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Sorry to hear that you are being troubled by those people. I say make a canned support response that basically says "We are not responsible for this." and close the ticket.


If they don't like it and move one, oh well. Let them be someone else's problem.

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