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Worth Starting a GSp ?


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I wanted to ask and maybe it shouldnt be posted here or possibly another sectio but I thought it would be best here


Is it worth it to start up a gsp ?


Now when I mean start up a gsp I dont mean a domain/templatemonster template and a dedicated server rental with a tcadmin lease Dedicating 2hrs a week to it.


I would mean

Domain/Make a LLC/ Get a Identity,Website/ Purchase or have Rent-TO-Own Servers and Co-locate it,Purchase A billing license and Tcadmin, Also get the right vertifications to accept payments from more then just paypal and dedicating enough time to properly manage and operate it.


I just wanted to get advice from you guys since your in the industry and tell me if its worth it or its just too over saturated.


Also one thing If I can ask

1. How much time do you dedicate to your company ?

2. How many people do you employ ? ( you dont have to be specific a general ballpark number can work )

3. What is your profit ? ( I dont want your gross/net,) I just want to know can you cover the bills and still have money to pay some of your personal bills ?


Well thanks guys :)

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In short most will tell you "its to late" to start a GSP. In all essence it sort of is. If you havent been in the game for awhile it takes alot of time and alot of money to "play with the big dogs". The main thing is theres no way to do it "better" all GSP (ones not fly by night ops) basicly offer the same thing, the key is finding your niche and just offering a good service. Gamers are the most demanding "online customers" ever.


As for time spent, I myself probally spend about 8 hours+ a day

We employ several full time staff and a few part timers

We do make enough to cover all bills and turn a profit but again it takes time to build up to this, as with starting any business you should have a pretty hefty reserve fund to cover costs for awhile.

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If running a game server provider is you passion then you should do it. There is always room for another good company in every field not matter how crowded it is.


Just be prepared to put in alot of hours to get into the field

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If you are in it for the $$$ then don't bother unless you have a lot of $$ to burn. If you are into it because you enjoy doing and learning new things, then go for it.


Either way you are going to lose $$$ for a while before seeing any profits.

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