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Constant reboot + support tickets not working


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Hello there, I went to go place a support ticket but i keep getting a CGI error. Anyhow, my server keep reboot which makes no sense for they have the same .cfg as they had before yet they constantly reboot. Many customers are pissed and I dont know what to do... some have decided to stay with serverdoc due to this problem. Please let me know ASAP


Thank you



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Sounds like you have some stuff configured wrong on the query end. If the game query is not set correctly and you have enabled the option to restart the servers if they don't respond then it will do just that. Each server who's query is not setup correctly will restart at rando intervals, because TCAdmin thinks they are hung.




Easiest way to check this is to click on a game in the panel and then on Server Status and Administration. If you get a no results message then your query port or game compatibility is set incorrectly.

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