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TCAdmin billing email error


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Just wanted to give the TCAdmin crew a heads up. When you receive and email from TCAdmin about a new invoice, the url that you are forwarded to when you click http://www.tcadmin.com/billing forwards you to a blank url. I highlighted that url in the email and hit copy shortcut and pasted it into wordpad it is just a blank hyperlink.


ECF, Steve or Luis I can forward the email to you if you like so you can see what I am talking about.

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The text is right, but the url associated with the text is blank. Not sure if that makes sense but when you create a website you create the text then create the url associated with that text. In this case, the text is correct but the URL is wrong.


Forwarded my email to you. Click the http://www.tcadmin.com/billing link at the bottom of the email and you should see what I mean. I am using Outlook Express to read my emails.

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