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Mod and Map pack installation


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hey guys i made a post before but id like some more information if possible.


when adding a map pack or single map. the customer clicks to add map. the map copies itself the the cstrike/maps folder. How can i make it that the mapcycle.txt file updates itself to add this map to the rotation without replacing the whole mapcycle.txt file.


same with addons


Im adding meta mod. the user clicks to add, it extracts to the ctrike/addons/metamod folder. to make this work tho liblist.gam file has to be updated. I can add the edited liblist.game file in my .zip file but im wondering if the file can just be updated by automation

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For maps Edit the maycycle.txt file and add the maps that you have installed.


Mods simply unzip files. You need to create the zip with the correct line in it and add it to the zip.


The system does not parse files, so you cannot add or delete certain lines to and from files.

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