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CS Server Problem


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Hey guys... ive been having difficulty with Counter-Strike servers... they all just keep rebooting for no reason.. I dont know why but they constantly crash... i was speaking with kenny about it but havent heard any news so can we get this issue fixed please... i just ordered another license... way more to come! keep up the good work!





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We dsiabled the server resatrt feature the other night when we spoke on MSN. I believe the coder for a small problem with the query which he is looking at. Unless you or one of your people turned it back on?




What puzzles me is no one else has had any issues with CS. I am sure we would have had 100 people screaming at us if their servers kept restarting :shock:

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The problem is this:




Let's say your server has 8 players. 1 player logs in making it 9 total players. The game monitor queries the server. The query returns 9 players, but when the monitor queries the player's information the game server is only returning the info for 8 players, but they monitor was expecting 9. so it gives and error.




The query fails for 1 to 3 minutes because of this, so if the monitor decides to check your game server while this is happening it will be restarted.




I have already fixed this in the query and it will be available in the next update. For now you should disable the option to restart the game server.





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