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Steam Update batch option automation


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Were wondering if there is a way to run the steam update on all servers say once a week and schedule it for 6am.


Second question:


Is there an automated way TCADMIN can detect no activity on server due to out of date steam, restart server then run steam update upon restart ? Actually can tcadmin run the steam updater every time the server restarts, I remeber serverdoc and firedaemon use to have an option to run program prior to server execution.

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You can use the batch update option, but you cannot schedule it to happen more than once. The feature is used to patch all of the same type server at one time, and only one time.


Why don't you just allow your users to run the update in their panel on their own?

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Thats what we do, and we never have issues. I provide that, and then I do the game updates just incase steams servers are busy and they are having issues.


This gives them two avenues to take, and I have yet to have a problem.


Obviously I don't have 22,000 clients.

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I do give them this option but some users are just not smart enouph to know when the server needs an update.


Example yesterday one TF2 server became unreachable, I log into the console and its telling me to update steam lol.


You can use the news feature to let all clients renting a specific gametype know to update there servers by pushing the update button.

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Well there was an update yesterday to tf2, at about 10pm, and took steam about an hour to release to update details...


That may have been why, we found out by accident like 30 seconds after it happened because I installed a server aparently as it happened and then couldn't join it, so the first thing I normally do is run the steam update...When I saw it actually update, I was like oh yippie!!!


Then about 2 minutes later, they re-released the update, and all servers that were currently updating crashed on a 2fort_german.txt file, requiring yet again another update to complete it...


Not sure if this may have been what had happened to your client, it was quite aggrivating :)

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i made a batch script that runs the updates for the base installs of the steam games.. It's on a timer to run every day @ 4:00am


somthing like this


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "cstrike" -dir c:\GameInstalls\CS


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir c:\GameInstalls\CSS


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "czero" -dir c:\GameInstalls\CZ


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "dod" -dir c:\GameInstalls\DOD


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "dods" -dir c:\GameInstalls\DODS


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "valve" -dir c:\GameInstalls\Halflife


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir c:\GameInstalls\HL2DM


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "redorchestra" -dir c:\GameInstalls\RO


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "ship" -dir c:\GameInstalls\ship


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "tf" -dir c:\GameInstalls\TF2


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "tfc" -dir c:\GameInstalls\TFC


HldsUpdateTool.exe -remember_password -username NHN_1 -password steam -command update -game "garrysmod" -dir c:\GameInstalls\GMOD

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