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1 video tutorial demo


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Just too see what you think and so you have a little idea of what it will they will be like I have made a demo of 1 of the tutorials, http://game-zero.com/TCAdmin%20User%20Tutorials.html


I myself have found a few faults with it that need correcting and wondered what you guys thought of it, constructive critism is appreciated


p.s. the video is 25meg, im going to try a few techniques later on to try and get each video under 10meg without loosing too much quality, also it was downsized from 1024x768 so quality is a little poor.




The faults I have found so far are:


size, 26meg for dial up wouldnt be nice.


quality, after downsizing lost some quality


speed, too fast at parts, some cometns cant be read before they dissappear.

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Great work will be a wonderfull guide :smile:




I know is only a preview for the user detail, but don't forget to add the Voice server user icons :smile: :razz:






ECF remember that all started from my request/idea :cool:




My personal Compliments "Game-Zero"

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Thanks alot, yea ECF plzzzz give me a voice server only 4 slots or summit :razz: ,you can contact me on msn as well.






Done! :razz: Also you might want to edit out the gp.balanceservers.com domain in the video and make it more generic in the little text balloons.




So far it think it looks great!

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Nice but too big for tutorials..




will they be branded when released? :razz:




He said above he would brand it for you if you like.




Now that I look at those tool, I wish I had time to do some for the admin side :shock:





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