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<403> Forbidden error on remote


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I just installed the remote on 5 machines.on 2 I am getting an error when I start up the console..




One server is Win 2003 Standard and


One is Win 2003 64bit Standard Server




I just purchased 7 remotes and a master. They show up in the about area.




So far 5 of my remotes work awsome.










error message on remote console




TCAdmin.Com - The GameHosting Control Panel


Monitor Version: 1.0.2024.23393


Operating System: Win32NT version 5.2.3790.0




128 bit Encryption is enabled.


Adding local server IPs to IP Filtering Rules..


Adding Master Server and Web Server IPs to IP Filtering Rules..


8/3/2005 8:17:57 PM : Remote.InstanceCreator.GetPluginFromServer: The remote ser


ver returned an error: (403) Forbidden.






Could not connect to the master monitor...retrying in 10 seconds



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It also fails when I try to do an update from the web app.




Error Updating Remote Server: TGM-US-200: Server encountered an internal error. For more information, turn on customErrors in the server's .config file.







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try restarting the master monitor.




if that doesn't work:




- Log in to the control panel and go to:


System Settings > Servers. Click on "Configure IPs" for the server giving you problems and add the server's primary IP.


- restart the master monitor.


- start the remote monitor




If you still have problems create a support ticket at support.tcadmin.com and include access to your control panel and master and remote servers so we can have a look.

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First things first......




Thank you Thank you thank you...




It stemmed from having dual Nics.


And the local network 1 was not the default network card.




On 3 of the machines it was on the other 2 it wasn't.


after changing the IP and adding the IP under Configure IPs ...


It worked and updated fine..




again Thank You Thank You Thank You


and thanks for the quick response.. :lol: :lol: :lol:





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