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Whats the tC stand for anyway?


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04-28-2005, 09:46 PM


Balance Servers pleased to announce the release of TCAdmin "Total Control" windows based game control panel!


In development for the past 8 months, we have finally released this

feature packed game control panel to the world. Aimed at game service providers TCAdmin provides great features to control your game servers, but also is priced affordable enough so clans and gaming communities can use it as well.


The panel hosts numerous time saving and management features such as:


-Auto Server Setup

-Built in FTP

-Mod Installer

-Map INstaller

-Support Ticket System

-Patching System

-Integrated Teamspeak support

-Support for 100+ games


and much more...


We are offering a FREE 20 day trial of the full software package for users and companies to try out and see if it fits their needs. Anyone looking for more info can head over to http://www.tcadmin.com to check it out.


Or you can check out the demo at this link




Not so Rude




:} Came across that today!



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LOL....I do remember in Jr High, (that was before they called them Middle School) reading and studying an article in Popular Science titled "Build your own hand held calculator for less than $100"..... and all it did was add, subtract, multiply and divide.

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Haha, Any of you have a working IBM PJ JR? I do :} Complete with 300 baud modem, 51/4 single sided low density floppy 640k cga graphics and some kickass beeps for sound :}


And the sununvabitch still runs! complete with epson dot matrix shizzle form printer :}

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Cool...worth a couple of bucks now:)...I almost bought one, but got a Packard Bell 486-33 instead. It was the fastest thing on the market right then, with a massive 340mb hard drive.


I still have my old Comadore 64. I spluged and got the cassette tape drive too :)

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:)...I never really got into the BBS stuff, I was usually too busy trying to do different things with my C-64 and too busy with my college assembler language and COBOL classes :( Those were the days, working 40-50 hrs a week and taking 13-16 credit hours....no wonder I never got my degree LOL
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