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TCAdmin Beta 3 (build 1.0.2047.860)


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What's new:


- Ventrilo support is now 100% complete.


If you see something that is not working please let us know.






- Added CPU, memory and slots logging to the Game Monitor Plugin.


You can now view charts with the stored information. Go to Admin Home > Reports > Game Server Reports.


Please allow at least 2 hours for the information to show up. If the information does not show up for a specific game server, restart the service using the TCAdmin control panel. This will update the service files. Do not restart using Window's service manager.






- Added 2 reports.


1- A report to see who is currently online using the control panel.


2- A report to check what ports are being used by the game servers installed with TCAdmin, and which ports are available.






- Updated the query for CS






- Fixed 2 problems with Teamspeak.


1- Fixed a problem when setting names and welcome messages with strange characters.


2- Fixed a problem that caused IIS to use 100% cpu when a voice server was added and the Teamspeak server was down.






- TCAdmin now supports the use of the .NET drivers for MySQL






Dedicated to Stealth the birthday boy :lol:

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amazin, just updated and love it. I wanted this added all along but i didnt wanna bug you guys :smile:




btw, is it possible for customers to remotely link these images on their websites for example? It would be nice for users to be able to see at least the players graph too :smile:





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That was quick :razz:




The next update will give the users access to the players graph, but I want to give it an on/off switch so the admin decides if he wants to give normal users access or not.


I don't want people to come crying to us saying that a client is paying for less slots because the stats told him it was never full :razz:




I will also create a tcadmin script that generates the charts to a folder you specify so your users can link from there.


Right now they can't link to them because files older thn 10 minutes are deleted.

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I installed this update and I restarted all servers via the .tcadmin script (found elswhere on this forum). I waited for several hours now, but there is no graph. What could be wrong?










TCAdmin Control Panel\Monitor\Services\{service id}




There should be a file named current.pid. That file is needed so the process can be monitored. If it doesn't exist restart that server using the control panel.






What database are you using? If you are using Access and you installed this update last night you can try running the update again. I made a few changes late last night because the charts didn't work on MS Access.





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