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A few questions regarding TCAdmin


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1) Is World Of Warcraft Supported?

2) Do the games get installed with TCADMIN or do we need to download & install them manually?

3) Does TCAdmin have a PayPal gateway to process payments for the service?

4) Where can i view a functioning demo, because the one on these sites is taking ages to load?

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Let me clarify # 3. TCAdmin does not have any type of billing gateways built into it such as Paypal.


You can however use 1 of 3 billing software packages along with TCAdmin such as Modernbill, Client Exec or WHMCS. This is where the Paypal gateway would reside.

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1) No

2) You supply the games

3) Yes

4) TCAdmin home page has a demo login


Thanks for the responses.


In regards to the demo, the demo at the TCAdmin home page is not functioning, is there another demo somewhere else that we can have access to?

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Please try the demo again. I just rebooted the server.


Thanks a lot. I logged in to both User & Admin Panels. The control panel seems to be really good, i will have a meeting with the management to discuss further.


I have a query not related to this, where you or somebody in your team a ex Helm Customer because i found the url referencing to your control panel in the Helm Forums (i was a helm customer till a couple of months ago).

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