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Adding CS:S Mods


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Ive been trying all day to put mods on a css. Mainly Bank mod. Ive tried 3 different bank mods and i couldnt get none of them to work. There is the latest version of mani, mattie eventscripts, and es_tools on the server.


I was wondering, is there somewhere in tcadmin that restricts something that has to do with the mods or something?


Ive put mods on servers before and everything so i know how to do them.

Also ive followed the directions on how to put the mods on the server and they still dont work. Thats why im thinking it has to do with TCAdmin or something?


Please help if you can



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Its not a tcadmin issue, and you can always verify that by starting it from the desktop instead of tcadmin. But I can tell you now tcadmin is not messing with your mods for CSS, it simply starts CSS with the command line it is given.

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O ok.


So no body knows why this is doing this? Would it have to do with something in the Game Configs in TC admin? I didnt set up all the game configs, Ultimate Game Servers did, which is where I got my box from. But would it have to do with anything in there?

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