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Two Servers, One IP


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Recently the AA88 server magically turned into this server. The IP is allocated to my box and somehow this server is running on it. I found this out after receiving this e-mail:


The Call of Duty: United Offensive server at has been modified.

Owner Id: hopkins

Owner Name:

Hostname: ^1Phantom Brigade

Paid slots: 32

Configured slots: 40

Reason: Game server max slots has been modified from 32 to 40


And now I cannot do anything with the original server.


Has anyone seen this before?

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Game switching is not enabled for the user or their game server and I cannot view this "Phantom Brigade" server or it's files (as it is using the same file path as the original server) and when I turn the original server off, this server is still running, but nowhere to be found.

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