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Dear TCAdmin




I have been looking at GS Control Panels and want to ask you a question. Knowing what you do about Control Panels and some of your competitor’s product offerings, what sets you apart from the competition? In essence, why would a customer want to buy/lease TCAdmin over its competitors?








Darran Kelinske



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Asking us why you should buy our product is not going to be very useful.


I feel it would be in poor taste to compare our software to panel xyz in our own forums :confused:




I would suggest trying all availible software products on the market and determine which one best fits your business.









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I can give you one solid reason. SUPPORT




I have had a few issues (mostly between the chair and the keyboard problems) that I have had answered and cured in under a few mins. Other than that the software is very well laid out and is very powerful without overwhelming the end user or admin. I have used several other control panels before coming here, I am done with other products and I am in the middle of migrating everything over to tcadmin panels

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