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wheres my licence


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purchased the monthly master package on saturday.


recieved the paypal confirmation and confirmation from u that i'd payed, but i have no licence and cant log into billing to email you as i have no billing user and pass, (if theres an easy way of obtaining this its not obvious to me)


have rung @ 11 am yourtime? u still in bed?


in the end i've had to put a paypal dispute in to try to get your attention. hope this doesn't upset you but am despearate for my licence so i can get some servers up and running through tcadmin.:p


(Yes i have checked all my spam etc)

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You may enter a ticket at http://esupport.tcadmin.com


As for your phone call, we had 2 calls this morning from from the UK, and both were not audible due to poor sound quality.


I would suggest you cancel that Paypal reversal and contact billig via the esupport system to see what happened with your license. Please include the email that you signed up with in the ticket.


As many of our clients here will tell you, we are an honest company and would not take you money without you getting your license.

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Well as i mentioned i have no billing user and pass and to send a ticket it asks me for one.


so am i a stale mate, which is why i put this post in, not because i distrust tcadmin, i know very well how good they are.


i just need to find a way to contact the right person as my options are limited.




Also the only reason i put in a dispute if u read, was because i need to get someones attention and have clearly in the dispute apologied and explained what has happened and also left my email.

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