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More than 1 teamspeak


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We once upon a time came across a problem with Teamspeak Servers running on Linux. Once you reached 60 virtual servers on a single TS process all sorts of strange things would happen to your user database.




To get round this we would only run 60 TS servers per TS process and increment the management ports so they would all still run on the same IP.




I have added my first TS server and imported all the servers and users to TCAdmin fine and the integration is great, but when I come to add another TS instance it won’t let me as it says I already have one on that IP even though I have incremented the management port.







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Use a seperate IP address for a secondary TS server instance.






WTFolfe, to add a TS server goto System Settings > Voice Server Settings and add a new server.




If you are having issues, put in a ticket and we can help you.




*Note - don't confuse the Admin Port with server port. The admin port is used to communicate with the TS servers internal TCP/IP functions. Basically, leave it as the default the panel shows it as.

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That's what the "News" feature is for :razz:




On a serious note, I suppose I can ask LFA to remove the validatiion behind that. But personally I think bad things will happen if you have 2 servers running on the same IP.




I hope I am wrong...

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we already have 2 servers on the same IP and have had for over a year now. Aslong as the ports are different its not an issue its just like running game servers on different ports.




Aslong as there are validation checks that the 2nd server doesnt share any ports with the primary it should be fine.





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I am not saying what you are doing with the 2 servers is wrong by any means. We all do what works for us :smile:




I would be worried about setting up 2 servers, and having someone accidently start creating servers on the same ports as the first one on that same ip.




We actually had a client do this, and it's effects aren't really the best in the world.




I can speak to LFA about the validation behind the checking of the IPs and port numbers in TS.

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You have 2 ways to work around this.




1. Type a different IP and save. Then modify the record and put the real IP. It will let you save because I am only validating the IP when you add new teamspeak servers not when modifying.




2. Use host names. For example:


ts1.yourdomain.com and ts2.yourdomain.com would both point to the same ip. That way it will let you save.

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