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Why call?


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I would like to test it.


But i have to call for a trial licence.




Why not simply downloadable? It expires after 20 days right.


Not a great idea to call from the Netherlands to you.




otss1@hotmail.com can you provide me there the info so


i can start testing your panel?






Best Regards,


TGW Hosting

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Calling is a new thing I guess they had to much trouble with there web based request.


Reason you can't just download is they have to create a 20 day liscence for you as they haven't made a copy that is preregistered. This gives them more time to focus on making it a great product and providing wonderfull customer service. Also peeps tend to abuse standard download trials, many times finding ways to trick them so the software can be used without ever paying for it.




Yep LFA and ECF :lol: While I may give you grief from time to time and moan about things. I have been impressed with your work and undestand your reasons. Keep it coming :cool:

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There are numerous reasons why we took the web form down, which I will not go into detail about here.






As for the forum titles, it's what the forums software names unregistered users :confused: Sorry if it offends you, but it's part of the software, not something we created.

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Here lies the problem. We would be more than happy to get VB. but there is no current way to convert what we have here to it. So we would start from scratch again. And you would all need to recreate logins etc... :confused:




However, I have recently thought about doing this, and making a client's only section or sections.

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