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TCAdmin Beta 6 Build 1.0.2100.35465


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Finally available!!




Here is what's new:




- Added html email templates. TCAdmin will automaticaly detect if the template is text or html. Just start your html templates with <html> (case insensitive).




- Added an option to change the default FTP buffer size for file transfers. Default value is 64KB (increasing the buffer might increase transfer speeds). Set this in FTP plugin settings.




- Added an option to change the default FTP welcome message Set this in FTP plugin settings. Monitor restart is required.




- Added a game port increment field for supported games. With this you are able to set the interval between ports for new game servers.




- Added stop delay to supported games and service settings. Default value is 3 seconds. This is available under supported games and service settings.




- Added dynamic query and rcon ports. Some games have the query and rcon prot hard coded. For example gameport +10, gameport +1,etc. With this feature you can create an expression that will be used to determine the query and rcon ports.




- Added game witching for subusers. If the subuser is allowed to use the game switcher he will get start/stop access to all game servers in the same group since this is required for switching.




- Added filter by game type in game server list.




- Added support for custom billing integration. More information coming soon. Currently testing with the ModernBill plugin.




- Added load balancing for automatic game server creation. See Game Server Automation plugin settings.




- Added a report that shows the average CPU usage during peak times. This information is used by the load balancer to determine where to place a new game server. See the report under server reports.




- Added a variable named %additionalarguments% to the command lines. With this variable you can decide where to place the additional arguments. If your command line does not contain this variable it will be placed at the end like it currently does.




- Added 5 additional ports for supported games. The variables are named %customport1% - %customport5%. These variabled can be used in command lines and configuration files. They are also available in the email templates where needed.




- The map pack installer now supports individual files. To view individual files add a map pack item of type "Individual Maps" and configure the extensions to make visible and the path to copy the files to.








Bug Fixes:




- Fixed editing files with strange characters.




- Fixed a problem when creating subusers with a name that already exists.




- Fixed a problem with the restart option in the game server list.




- Fixed a problem with the user being able to create a custom command line named default




- Fixed a problem where the service's additional arguments were not being added to custom command lines




- Fixed a problem when deleting a user. If there was a error deleting one of the user's game servers it would still delete the user and leave the game service on the server. It now reports the correct error and stops the user's deletion.




- Fixed server query for Medal of Honor Pacific Assault




- Added a fix for a memory leak on the master server. This would only show up on master servers with a lot of remotes. Virtual memory would sometimes grow to over 100MB in less than 2 days. This was actually a .NET problem but a workaround was added.

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I was too untill I logged into the master server and saw the monitor was not running. Then when I started it in console mode I was getting an error. So ticket time for LFA :smile: He had to manually apply the upgrade. I will let him explain the problem :shock:

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The load balancing system is active if you activate it in the panel. The load balancing is going to be used by the modernbill plugin, which has not yet been released.




If you do activate the load balancing feature, you can actually get the LB report showing max cpu and ram usage for your servers in the reports section though. But none of the ordering stuff will be availible until the Modernbill plugin is released.











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K perfect thanks.




1) But whats do you mean for "Pending Auto Setup" ?








2) About the schedule task to collect data in your procedure you suggest to run every 30 minutes it is valid or is better run one time for day for eample at 4am every night ?







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The pending setup icon was added as part of the modernbill integration. It will be used by the automated ordering system when it's finished.




I would suggest running the data collection every 30 minutes. If you run it once per day, and have numerous remote servers, it will take a very long time to finish, since it will be importing data from all your servers for a 24 hour time period.




Of course this is up to you. Just keep in mind, it will take much longer to collect a whole days worth of data vs. 30 minutes worth of data. And the process will take additional CPU and RAM on the master server while it is running.

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Billing ID and billing status are for billing integration. This is available in user details and service details. The billing status should change when they are suspended or unsuspended from modernbill.




Load balancing is used by auto setup and modernbill plugin to determine where to place the new server. All you have to do is enable it in the Game Server Automation settings. You will also have to select which days and hours to consider when getting the average cpu usage for the game server. You can see a report of what the load balancer sees in server reports.






Both these options don't have any real use for now until the modernbill plugin is available.

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Well lets take Unreal Tournament for an example. The game port is 7777. The query port is 7787. You could create a port expression for the query port. Something like this:








That will make the query port 7787 automatically when setting up a game.




There are many other uses for it as well. This is just a simple example.





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In the service settings for each game there is a feild for additonal arguments. You can enter an argument such as -tickrate 100 for that individual game server. The variable %additonalarguements% can be used in the command line settings in the game configs.




Let's say you put the %additonalarguements% variable in your default command line for Counter Strike Source. Then you type in -tickrate 100 in the additional arguments line of one of your Game Servers that is running CS:S. It would add -tickrate 100 to that command line.

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