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adding patch to ftp


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You can run it every minute if you like :smile:




Create the scheduled task. At the very end of the wizard put a check in the box labled Show Advanced Options. Click finish. Select the schedule tab at the top, and next to the runtime click the advance button. In there you can set the task to reoccur at whatever time length you set.



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I just spoke with another one of our clients regarding this Halo issue. The current version of Halo includes a path command which is -path. Here is the info from Bungie.




<div class="pre"><pre>With v1.03, we are introducing the possibility for server administrator to specify their data directory using the -path command line argument. This allows storing custom game types and data files in any folder on the disk drive.


Important note: with this new command line argument, the default path for these data files is changing from the dedicated server installation directory to the user's "My Documents" folder. This is important for server administrators who prefer to set per-user read / write access permissions to the Halo Dedicated Server program files directory. If you will not be using the -path command line argument, you will have to move your current ban list to the default directory.





This command is used to denote the users folder. Which normally defaults to MyDocuments\My Games\Halo\savegames




Now in order to change where Halo checks for custom content we can use two variables built into TCAdmin to accomplish this.












can both be used in the command line to denote a path for Halo.


An example would be. You create a folder named saved in the users game folder C:\<GameFiles>\<Username>\TCXXXXXXXXXXXX\Saved




Now your users have access to this folder to upload their content.




Now we will change the commandline for these users server toi include one of the built in variables that TCA has.








-path %gameserverroot%\saved




This will tell HALO to look in this folder for user data.






I hope this helps :razz:





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