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My Monitor.Errors.txt is so large I can't open it to see whats going on on one of my servers. Is it possible to delete it and creat a new text file with same? That way I'll be able to open it and whats going on.




If this is not possible what to do?

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after trying evry thing I could think of the only thing that opens a text file thats 1.32gb in size was cute ftp after it was loaded onto my home pc. Not recomended if you have only 1gb ram. It took 25 minutes to get it open 10 minutes to close it and all for nothing.




This file was full of nothing but can't connect to data base errors.




Any body else out there have there monitor.errors.txt file this large?




Maybe you can add a function in the panel to delete the error logs once a month.




Just a suggestion.

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