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Strange problem when moving a Server


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I only get this issue moving BF2 Servers.


Once I move the server I get the confirmation email which tells me what files were modified.


Specifically> Updated configuration file: /Daemon/config.xml Updated configuration file: /Daemon/default.profile Updated configuration file:


The only problem is the config.xml TCA updates the entire path to the directory with the exception of the TCID folder number which changes when a server is moved. Is there a reason it won't do this?


It updates the entire path it just does not change the service folder number to the new one.

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ECF I confirm HIS-MOTHER report.

After the last update there is a problem with the move, it move correctly the service, send the email, but do not change the customer service with the new ip.



Yup I do have a ticket in and will await Luis reply but my issue is not the same as it edits every variable in the config just does not complete the userfiles path ID folder number. It does edit the ip,port, and customport1 i have set in there.


You might want to pop a ticket in yourself if you are having a similar but different issue.

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