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Request! A script that lets me send message to all servers


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Well, it's not impossible as you can have all informations about servers from TCAdmin but it's a big job to do !

You have to create (or buy ?) a library that handles all known RCON protocols ;)


Some games do not have external rcon access, rcon only works in-game, so yes it is an impossible thing to do.

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Sure, some games can not work with this kind of system. But all major games have rcon features so it's not really a problem :) I think Gamblor need something to recall users that their servers will auto restart for daily reboot or something like that so if less than 1% of guys doesnt have the alert, it's not a big issue :)


But the biggest problem is to found rcon protocol specification for all working games (THQ published their RCON protocol, Crytek published a java app for their rpc/xml feature - looks like a stupid rcon but it's taking more ressources !)

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