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TCAdmin Beta 7 Build 1.0.2130.30432


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- You can now assign servers and Teamspeak servers to regular users.


With this feature you will be able to sell TCAdmin-Powered dedicated servers. Just add the client's server as a remote and assign it to him. When he logs in he will be able to create game servers and Teamspeak servers on the machines owned by him. The client will also have full control over the game servers (delete, reinstall, disable, etc).




To assign to a user just go to the server settings and voice server settings and set the owner.




In supported games you decide which games your dedicated clients will be able to install.




For security reasons, use of the SDK and scripting is disabled on these servers.




- Added support for sub-admins. First you must create a sub-admin group and assign the access and pages allowed for that group. Then create a user of type subadmin and assign a group.










- Fixed a problem when viewing a game server's command line if it was too long.


- Fixed a problem with load balancing when there was no performance information from the system monitor.





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I hope this isn't something I did with that ticket I opened earlier.




I cant edit any service details (of game servers). This includes old ones, or new ones inserted after the update.




When I click the Service Settings button, it just goes back to the "Gaming Service Main Menu" like I clicked the link to go there...




Should I open a ticket?

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A small issue has been reported with the update. It seems that the secondary update that was pushes out to fix the service settings problem is missing the icon image for the subadmins. The link in the panel still functions fine, just the image is missing.




I have let Luis know about it, and would expect an update shortly.

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I just released a quick update:






- Added a new script in the scheduledtasks folder. This script will stop the teamspeak servers that have been marked as disabled in TCAdmin. When the Teamspeak server is started it starts all configured voice servers automatically. Run the task every few minutes to keep them stopped.




- Fxed a problem when adding new remote servers. This problem was introduced in beta 7.




- Fixed a problem when viewing blank command lines in the command line changer.

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Possible some bug with the last update (1.0.2131.27596).




After adding and/org importing TS2 servers, no voice servers are listed at all.


Import goes ok, also adding a new server goes ok. However when wanting to display a list of all voice servers, none are shown.




They are however added/updated in the sql database..


<div class="pre"><pre>

mysql> use games;

Database changed

mysql> select count(*) from tc_virtual_voice_servers;


| count(*) |


| 9 |


1 row in set (0.00 sec)




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