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Modernbill and teamspeak


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Having some minor isses with teamspeak and the modernbill integration.




Yesterday a customer ordered a server. Modernbill created their account in tcadmin, setup their server and created a Teamspeak server. I signed into the panel as the user and couldnt access the teamspeak server. I signed back in as admin and found that the TS had been added to the users account but had been assigned the user of admin. I changed it over to the user and thought nothing more of it.




This evening had 2 more teamspeak servers orders 10 mins apart, the only difference was the payment method used.




The first user this evening signed up and paid with a credit card the Teamspeak server was created correctly with the right permissions for the user to access it.




The second user this evening signed up and paid with Paypal, the Teamspeak server was created and added to the users account but the privligaes were set at ADMIN which meant the user couldnt access the server and the setup email was sent to myself.




The only difference i can see is the payment method.

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Payment shouldn't effect it, as the api is what handles the actual creation of the server. Modernbill should not care what type of payment it as, as long as it was paid.




I would suggest submiting a support ticket, so we can collect some details on your settings and api info, and try to recreate it.

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i think i found the issue :grin:




when we added the teamspeak server to tcadmin we added added all the servers under the admin account as the user accounts hadn't been created.




We then did some tidying of the accounts so we didnt have to create user accounts for them and we deleted the excess accounts from the teamspeak webadmin panel. It looks like we didnt delete them from the admin account.




The only assumtion i can make is that when the automation checked for an available port it found this port available and added it to the user creating a duplicate in tcadmin (1 for the admin and 1 for the user)

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