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MOH linux -> windows


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Since most of our servers are running linux, except for the more recent boxes that are getting w2k3 (since TCAdmin and Linux don't go well together yet :smile:) we are slowly moving some game servers from the old boxes to the newly TCAdmin managed server(s).




So i copied the default MOH setup as we have from linux to the windows boxes, but offcourse it needs a mohaa_server.exe.


So I downloaded the latest moh windows update package.




It expects MOH to be 'installed'. Since we just plainly copied files from one server to the other, there's nothing installed. The linux server version doesn't care, since its just an archive that should be unpacked and done...




How can we put the 'different' files compared to the linux version on the w2k3 box without actually installing the game(s).. (more then one, since it also applies to spearhead, cod, cod:uo etc...)







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That is the main problem :smile: I don't *want* to install the entire game.. that means uploading all the cd's from allied assault, spearhead, call of duty etc etc... using our office dsl line with max 1mbit upload speed.....




The games we hosted on w2k3 so far (ravenshield, battlefield2 etc this was also not needed, uploading the files is enough... updates also come in .zip files that only needed extraction).









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To host windows based MOH, you need to upload the files from a windows game install.




However you can try adding the registry entry to the server. It may work.




Simply open the registry on your PC or any PC that has the game installed and look for the registry key for the MOH Games. Should be something like LM>Software>EA GAmes>Medal of Honor.




Simply export the registry key and import it to the server. Then open the registry key up and look for the key resembling InstallDir=




Change the path for that to the directory you currently have the game files in our the server.




Re-run the patch, and it should install it.




I cannot guaratee that it will work, since I think the Linux files have different needs than the windows ones.




Other than that, us win guys simply install the game to our home PC, and then zip the install directory, and upload it to the server.



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Guess that would be the only option (we usually not have any game installed on the office/home computers so it would mean installing first, then update and copy over any diff files).




How are updates to MOH handled in the past on windows servers ? I asume you don't run the update patch .exe on every installed game on every server?


Linux versions just need to unzip/untar the update .zip file to every installation and update is done.





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For MOH you install the update on every machine or on one then reupload all files to every machine. EA really didn't care about GSP's at that point in time so they couldn't be bothered to create a stand-alone server.




If you wanted to I guess you could just get a list from the installer of all the files it modifies and upload only those.

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