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Guest Unregistered

Login Details Incorrect. Please try again.


Not used free mail !


Dear Smirnov Pavel (MindSwitch.RU),

Thank you for signing up with us. Your new account has been setup and you can now login to our client area using the details below.

Email Address: diablos@x-sky.ru

Password: *******

To login, visit http://clients.tcadmin.com

TCAdmin.com - The Game Hosting Control Panel


My account deleted ?

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If it was a paid email and the information within the account was real then he would have received his trial.


If the email was a free email or the info given was garbage then he would not receive a trial.


This is not rocket science people. It clearly states that you MUST use a NON-FREE email account. And yes, I do check the emails to see what sites they belong to before processing the trials. If you have a company then use a company email not a free email account.

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Guest Tim Vriend

Well i used my company email, gave all the right data like address phonenr etc etc.

Did this 3 times and still got bumped.


Last time i used my personal email address which i got from my provider and guess what. It got bumped as well.


I really would love to try this software, but it's kinda impossible to do this..


If anyone from TCAdmin reads this, could you please find my signup again and activate it?



Thanks in Advance

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Guest loony383

I used my personal e-mail address at my clans website. Is it likely to be bumped because we don't provide servers instead are trying to host our own?

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Will it be bounced if our website isn't finished yet?

We are starting gamehosting, but first we want to check out the possibilities.

A part of our website has already been put online now, but it does say it's still under construction and "coming soon".


I guess the people who are trying to get the trail key are all in the phase of looking for possibilities and didn't start hosting yet.

At least in my case that is.


Hopefully, this time it won't get bumped..

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It should go through fine, they are simply looking to ensure you are a GSP and that your GSP only gets one trial period. As the trials are fully functional they just don't have a bill attached to them, they need to ensure proper restiction or you'd have sleazy GSP just ordering new trial and new trial and never purchasing the product.

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