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Suddenly error: GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Could not write to...


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Suddenly our panel gives an error when we use the auto creation function on CS:source servers




We get an error like:


GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Could not write to C:\Gameservers\bert\GameServers\TC24508707066180058775004\\c strike\cfg\server.cfg. Error: Kan een deel van het pad C:\Gameservers\bert\GameServers\TC24508707066180058775004\cs trike\cfg\server.cfg niet vinden.


Server: MasterServer ARIA


Owner: bert




An emtpy server.cfg is present in cstrike/cfg, when I try a different game the installation works fine.




Does anyone know what this could cause this problem?

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Found it, didn't know you could click on the gamename itself, the FireFox browser does not show the gamename as a link.


I check the values but values are correct, the space is not present in the config file or mentioned paths.




Why the system generates a space I don't know.


Any other ideas?

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It should not generate a space unless it is told to. I would suggest opening that file link and copying the contents of the template file to your clipboard. Then create a new file link and paste the contents of the template file ito that one. Then delete the old file link and give it a shot again.



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