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I've had this problem now ever since we began with the TCA software and I'm starting to think Monk had the right idea replacing it.


Hardly any FTP server on our setups windows or linux connect with WinSCP in FTP mode, or Filezilla, or IPSwitch or anything. You have to use Windows Explorer which drops frequently.


The FTP server is terribly slow and drops connection quite often. I was wondering if there was anything I'm missing before I go ahead and scrap the TCA FTP on all my servers.

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In FTP mode does not even connect properly to the FTP server.



Transfer a semi-large mod to a server (SourceMod for example) you'll notice some files just fail.


Windows Explorer-

Just feels like not logging in and telling you your password is wrong occasionally. The rest of the time its slow and clunky.



Slow in general, however it seems this is one of the better performing pieces of software to use with TCAdmin FTP.


Unix FTP-

Not even going to happen. Before we blame Linux, just remember that the FTP protocol is the same from client to client. There is no reason one client shouldn't work over the rest.



Random issues like this are related to some type of underlying problem that probably can't be reproduced on 100% of all setups. However if Louis or Kevin want to take a look at how we have things setup by all means I'll grant them access.


I like TCAdmin, I don't like TCAdmin FTP. If the FTP would be fixed then the software itself would be much nicer.

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The only issue i've noticed with the FTP server is that it falls over on multi connection transfers, if I use FileZilla to upload say SourceMod and instruct it to use 10 connections to upload, they will often freeze and error. I reported this in a ticket a while ago. If I reduce it to one or two connections, it uploads fine.

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I know with his busy schedule with TCA2 he has little time for development work for TCA1.


However in this tread alone we have addressed many bugs and issues with the current TCA1 FTP server. However I am aware that another one could be written rather quickly if time is devoted to it. I myself being a programmer have written a forking php ftp server that runs completely off of mysql authentication and sets uid/gid in about 7 days.


So to correct these issues or even rewrite the FTP server should be quite painless. An FTP server is actually a simple piece of software compared to various other things.


I'm sure if us "medium" sized folk are having an issue, I'm sure your larger customers are. TCA2 doesn't help our current situation. I believe this bugfix should take precedence over all other development currently, because somewhere down the line the FTP server was degraded to the point of near in-operability for some, and bugginess for others.


I support the TCA software, however the current state of the FTP server has me less then impressed or enthused since we pay our bills. However when you have a customer threatening not to pay his because of this issue it makes me question our decision to use the software.


However you are now made aware so I'll leave it as a done issue and will look for an update in the coming month or so.

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Follow these steps to see if it improves performance:


- Make sure you have installed .NET 1.1 service pack and not just .NET 1.1. If you have not installed the service pack the .NET version will say 1.1.4322.573 in the monitor console.



- In System Settings > Servers set the monitor priority to Normal and restart the monitor. If this is remote server you will need to reconfigure it with a new Monitor.config after doing this.

By default the monitor runs on low priority. This can slow it down if you have lots of game servers and other stuff running.


- If you use a mysql database download MySQL GUI Tools from mysql.com. Run MySQL Administrator. Disable name resolve in Startup Variables > Advanced Networking and restart MySQL. Enable remote DB connections in System Settings and reconfigure all remote servers with a new Monitor.config.


- If you have a Firewall you need to open tcp ports 5000 to 5100 to allow passive mode. If you are using Windows Firewall add MonitorConsole.exe and MonitorService.exe to the exceptions so you don't have to open all the ports.

Some FTP clients use passive mode by default and fallback to port mode. This can make it slow since it has to wait for passive mode to fail before using port mode.

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