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Controling *nix


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The stability argument is no longer valid in my mind. Win2k3 server is as reliable as they come now.




As far as games, we hear arguments form both sides. I think the common benefit of running linux is cost. People can get it free vs. spending $600-800 on a windows license, or $15-30 per month from a datacenter. And the newer games seem to like the windows os better for some reason.




Of course I also think that linux is the choice for certain operations, such as web and voice server hosting. I cannot deny those points.




Either way, I am excited to see the product move to linux, as I know many of you here are :smile:







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Agreed W2K3 was a major step forward in security and stability of the windows platform. I'm just old and like working in the console with vi rather than these fancy GUI's lol

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