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CS:S Maintain 100Tick?


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Ok.. I have a pretty well ranked CSS Server at the moment... Constantly running at 34-36 players. Command line is set for 100Tick and the rate settings are also appropriately set.


Here is my problem....


At the beginning of the round the server is running at about 30Tick. When almost everyone is dead its at about 80 - 95 tick. Tick rate steadily increases when players die.


Resources are fine. Processor never peaks beyond 30%.

OS = Server 2003 x64

Server is running Mani and Eventscripts (Sourcemod actually caused alot of lag)

Of course the FPSBoost is running.


Anyone know what i am missing? Its almost like my network card is saying 'FU! I cant do that much!'. According to my provider (dedicated server) This onboard NVIDIA card runs just fine for several GSP's so apperently this is not the problem.

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I thought you were not supposed to run 100 tickrate wtih that many players?


I actually have seen a 64 slot server full running a steady 100Tick. I havnt the slightest clue how they did it either.


Actually.. not even sure if that server is around anymore. its been a while..

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I have determined this by asking several people what their net_graph shows (including mine). The settings we have are listed below.


// bandwidth rates/settings

sv_minrate 13000

sv_maxrate 30000

sv_minupdaterate 67

sv_maxupdaterate 101

sv_mincmdrate 67

sv_maxcmdrate 101

sv_client_cmdrate_difference 1

sv_client_predict 1

sv_client_interpolate 1

sv_client_min_interp_ratio -1

sv_client_max_interp_ratio -1

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Are you sure you are not confusing tick rate with frames per second?


certain. i check the server FPS by using rcon status. My gfx FPS stays steady at around 65 (yes i need to upgrade. im too cheap). i also thought it was wierd that it went up and down.

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i know there is a difference. i was covering both incase he thought i was looking at the wrong line on net_graph


I was also aware that the clients computer can affect the net_graph results. This is why i asked multiple people to read off what they were getting from the server. Each one matched the others and mine. I can see it being a client computer if 1 or 2 people are having the problem. But asking 5+ and getting the same result isnt a coincidence. Has to be server side.

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