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From what I have seen this script is designed to show a listig of each individual game server, and the number of players currently on it.




If you are looking for a total player count, you would need to code a script to query the database and add up the total number of players it finds.



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Yes and No,




Yes on whatyou are expecting:




http://www.tcadmin.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=1188&amp ;start=0&rid=373






And No on something else that Im planning to do, In about a month when I have more time Im going to script my own game server info, it will be much simpler to use and will only require you to enter the IP for the server not each individual Game Servers IP's






Anyway look at that thread there and you will see the code,




You need to undderstand mySQL and PHP yourself else you wont really be able to manage it into what you want, for instance I havent included to code to add the Game code and the IPs to the database.

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