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Quake 3 Rcon


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Works great so far, couple things:




Since we're in 1.30 we're not using punkbuster, the kick and ban links next to the players names attempt to use pb_sv_kick and pb_sv_ban. Would be nice if I could change those link's commands for different point releases.




Special characters in player names break the status command.


<div class="pre"><pre>'', hexadecimal value 0x01, is an invalid character. Line 4, position 3325.</pre></div>

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You can change the commands used in System Settings > Supported Games > RCON Commands. There are 2 checkboxes.


Is kick command" and "Is ban command"




I'll see what I can do about the special characters.

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Sorry to bring this old thread to life, but I'm hoping there will be a fix for the special character issue. Actually you must have done something because the error I mentioned above is gone, but when somebody is using a name containing one, the status command now just gives the message [Command Executed Successfully] but no list is shown.


Also is seems to break the player list with "kick" and "ban" next to the names, clicking either of the links doesn't work when a player with special characters is listed.

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