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API & Load Balancing


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How do I go about making use of the load balancing features of TCAdmin if im using the API to auto create game servers?




I have a complete working script that creates the server and assigns the parent service/game switching details etc, but at the moment I have to specify a Server and an IP address for the install.




Is there a way to set it to assign a server automatically based on the load balancing data, or is it a case of iterating through all the servers and basing the decision on the Average CPU and Memory usage?




Thanks for any info.

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In the GameServerCreationInfo object you use, set ServerId = "[Auto]", ServerIP = "[Auto]" and DatacenterId = "The datacenter id where you want the server". This will create the game server on a game server with the lowest average CPU in that datacenter. If you have load balancing disabled it will do a round robin on all servers for that datacenter.

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Argh still no good!




System.Exception: An error occurred while creating the server: Could not create server plugin.




This only happens when I set ServerID = "[AUTO]". If I give it a server ID instead it installs the server OK but then gives me this error:




GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Error while checking for available port on ip [AUTO]: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.




Source code attached! Any ideas?






Also, if i try and set "Port" i get:




'Port' is not a member of 'TCAdminSDK.Remote.Plugins.GSAutomation.GameServerCreationIn fo'.




:confused: Thanks.


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