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HLDSUpdateTool Issue


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It appears as though the HLDSUpdateTool installs in the users MAIN game folder.




However I have our servers set with this structure.








Is it possible to make the hldsupdatetool use the relative working directory as the update path?




Right now when the update is executed from the user control panel it installs an entirely new game server install in the "user/gameservers/tc234892348234/" instead of the "user/gameservers/tc234892348234/server/". So the server doesn't get updated and now there are files everywhere.




Also something that might not have been noticed or mentioned.. Is that the HLDSUpdateTool.exe can only update 1 game server install at a time from a single HLDSUpdateTool.exe app. Would it be possible to be able to put the HLDSUpdateTool in say the users Relative Working Directory and execute it from there?





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<div class="pre"><pre>user/gameservers/tc234892348234/server/</pre></div>




You shouldn't have the /server on the end there.




It should be <div class="pre"><pre>user/gameservers/tc234892348234/</pre></div> where the files are located in the TC folder.




By adding the /server folder you also are going to have problems with the map, update and mod installers.




So you will need to take the /server folder out of the default install setup files.

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All the game files are located in "user/gameservers/tc234892348234/server/"






A user needs access to the root game files folder.


We need to be able to have a few files outside of the game files folder that are not accessible by the user.




"Map Packs" - has an extract path.


"Game Mods" - doesnt have an extract path but we could just zip the mod with /server as the root so it is applied properly.


"Game Updates" - doesnt have an extract path but we could just zip the mod with /server as the root so it is applied properly.




I'm trying to customize your system to work how I need as best as I can.








Thank you that will fix the problem we are seeing with the hldsupdatetool.exe being launched twice. And what about where the update is applied?

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Understood. You can also achieve this by specifying /<foldername> in the userfiles folder within the game config for that game.




Basically that allows you to install without the "/server" in the install and TCAdmin will only allow access to the folder and subfolders under the <foldername> directory that you specify in the game config, keeping all files located in the root / safe from users accessing them.

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