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Arma 2 No entry '.profilePathDefault.'


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I am getting this error when Arma 2 starts up:

No entry '.profilePathDefault.'


This is the command line I am running:

-server -nosplash -cpuCount=1 -exThreads=1 -ip=$[service.IpAddress] -port=$[service.GamePort] -profiles=$[service.UserDirectory] -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -pid=arma2.pid -maxplayers=$[service.Slots] -netlog


Anyone know how to solve this?


I can't find anything about it on Google.

And Luis said to check the game forums, but nothing there either.



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Got it fixed!


Corrupted files! Redownloaded for the 4th+ time fixed the issue.


Yes, BE is running, confirmed when connected to server.


Now I have the "Wait for host" issue going on...but I can't remember how I fixed that in the past...

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I forgot to mention...The interesting thing I found out is that the query port for Arma 2 DayZ Epoch only works on 27016 (Connection 2301/Query 27016). On that port it appears on TCAdmin correctly (both the Game Services List and Service Info pages), on the Steam Browsers List, DayZCommander, and DayZ Launcher. But if I change it to anything else like Connection 2301/Query 2302 the server will ONLY appear on the Steam Browser List.


Mind you, this is with the Windows Firewall OFF.


Odd huh...?


Hopefully the correct configs will be the answer...



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Something odd is going on....


I restarted the server for the working config I had...I didn't change a thing...!

And now the server reports 64 slots and the node server's hostname!?! ...SO ODD!


I've tried turning banding on/off, changing the slots, confirming the server.cfg files, reinstalling...same results, always reverts back to 64 slots and the node server's hostname... Funny thing is all the server browsers report the same, the node server's hostname.


So, so, odd!

Any ideas what may cause this!?!

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That was correct. Issues fixed.


Sorry it was a busy day yesterday NoDoze and i fell asleep, when i have done my support i will carry on with the configs because we have so many requests for Arma 2 DayZ since we stopped supporting the game so i have to do it any way :)


Did you get to those configs?

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