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Medieval Engineers


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Try searching the forums first. A lot of configs have already been posted. That thread is for Windows. I know there is another one for Linux if you search for it.

That's for Space Engineers ;)




If I had the game, I could probably create a config for you. Some guy already requested Space Engineers, and it seems like they're pretty similar.

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Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers are from the same dev team and are pretty much identical in terms of config setup.


App id for medieval Engineers is 367970

Do be aware though that if you are a gsp you have to let Keen (the devs) know you are hosting their game.

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I haven't played either game yet, only own medieval engineers, what variables would need adjusting? If possible can you provide a sample template config file that works with tc admin that I can input?


And this is just hosted for community purposes, how did you get the appid? Upon last check I couldn't find it on the valve dedicated servers page.


Kind Regards,

Jerome Haynes

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By licensed I'm guessing you mean have brought a copy of the game? Upon trying to create/update the server files I'm getting no subscription with that id. Has this got something to do with letting keen know? What's the best way to go about that? According to their page on dedicated servers I see no mention of this.


Kind Regards,

Jerome Haynes

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Anyone got any idea about this?


Medieval Engineers 02_046_009

Is official: True [NO]

Environment.Is64BitProcess: True

2015-12-09 15:18:21.030: Bind IP :

2015-12-09 15:18:24.821: Server successfully started

2015-12-09 15:18:24.822: Product name: Medieval Engineers

2015-12-09 15:18:24.822: Desc: Medieval Engineers

2015-12-09 15:18:24.822: Public IP:

2015-12-09 15:18:24.822: Steam ID: 90098404006205445

2015-12-09 15:18:28.005: Cannot start new world - scenario not found (null)/(null)

2015-12-09 15:18:28.171: Server connected to Steam

2015-12-09 15:18:28.172: Server PolicyResponse (1)


I mean I can see it can't create the new game world, and the game world server files for the new world mentioned in the config file aren't there. I assumed that by specifying in the cfg file the world name it would autocreate the files on server start. This game seems to work in strange ways, any help/ideas would be appreciated!


Kind Regards,


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