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TCAdmin Wants you Developers!


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TCAdmin is looking for config creators

Do you make XML Configs for TCAdmin? Do you want to get TCAdmin for free? Users who upload configs will now receive x months of free license*.

Conditions / Rules Below

  1. Upload files to Resources
  2. Basic Config XML - 1 Month
  3. Advanced Config XML - 2 Months
  4. Complex Config XML - 3 Months
  5. Complex Config XML (WINDOWS & LINUX) - 4 Months
  6. Upon Verification that the config is working 100% and the Ranking of the config it will be determined
  7. Do not submit a support ticket to get approval of files
  8. It must be a new config - no pre-existing ones
  9. Game must be relevant/popular to apply for the credit.

Existing Client  - This will be in a form of credit to your account towards your renewal.

New Client - This will Cover your new TCAdmin for above months.

Please note: Configs has to work. If the game uses a query protocol that's supported by TCAdmin, this has to be configured. If a game uses a query protocol that TCAdmin support, but the config doesn't make use of this, the config will not be approved. Creating configs is not just a matter of automatically downloading the files through SteamCMD and running the executable.


Total Control Admin Panel Management

*User will be credited the price of a monthly license.

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