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Remote Admin


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Remote Admin

Do not install this module if your master is running Linux

This module can be used to:

  • Connect to remote desktop/ssh directly from the control panel.
  • Give dedicated server owners remote desktop/ssh access to their server. (For security reasons the remote desktop user should not be an administrator and it should have permissions denied on the TCAdmin folder)
  • Troubleshoot game servers with a single click instead of logging in and executing the commands manually. 
  • Give sub admins access to troubleshoot game servers as TCAGame so they don't need full administrator access.



  • Linux masters are not supported.
  • Master must be running Windows 10/2012/2016/2019 but Linux remotes are supported.
  • Requires or greater.
  • Installation of this module can take a few minutes while installing dependencies.



  • Windows Server 2012: install Windows Management Framework 5.1 and reboot. (required on master and remotes)
  • Windows Server 2016/2019: no additional software is required.
  • If control panel is hosted in IIS: Make sure the panel can be accessed using and the same port used by your other bindings.
  • Install the module.
  • Go to the server settings. Click on the remote admin icon at the bottom.
  • Add the information required to connect to the server. The password hash that is generated can only be decrypted on the master server. If you change masters the hashes need to be generated again. You can add more than one login method.
  • If the server is owned by a user you can specify if you will allow access. If guest login is blank it will use the default login.
  • Go back to the servers list. You should see the column with the "Connect" link. If you don't see it select Grid Settings > Reset.
  • The server owner can connect using the servers page under service management.

Sub admin role permissions
You control the features a sub admin can access. Give them full access or only let them log in as the game server's user.

  • Server Management > Remote Admin - Connect: Allows sub admins to connect to the server with remote desktop or ssh using the account specified for sub admins.
  • Server Management > Remote Admin - Connect (Service User): Allows sub admins to connect to the server using the a game server's TCAGame account. This can be used to allow a sub admin to troubleshoot a game server without giving him full access.
  • Server Management > Remote Admin - Configure: Allows sub admins to configure the remote desktop /ssh connections of each server.

One Click Troubleshooting

  • The troubleshoot button in the service home page is visible when the service is in stopped or start error status. Select Troubleshooting > RDP/SSH for service user. It will connect to RDP or SSH and execute the commands to start the game server.

Remote Desktop session recordings

  • A video of each remote desktop session recording is saved to TCAdmin2\Logs\RemoteAdmin\UserName
  • This is configured in Server Management > Servers > Master > Remote Admin > Global Settings.

Connecting to a Hyper-V VM

  • The server you specify should be the host IP.
  • The login should be a Windows user from the host that belongs to the "Hyper-V Administrators" group.
  • To get the GUID of a VM open powershell and execute: Get-VM | format-list VMname, VMID

VM enhanced mode

  • Only supported if the guest VM is running Windows or Ubuntu with xRDP (see https://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=12429 ).
  • Only works when the guest operating system has finished booting. To be able to see the VM while booting up add another entry with this option disabled.

Known Issues

  • Reinstall/update might not work. In this case it is safe to uninstall and install again. No data will be lost.
  • When uninstalling it might not delete TCAdmin\Monitor\Components\Myrtille. You can delete this manually.
  • Performance/responsiveness is better with IIS than with the built in web server.

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Hey mate i have tried this out and install it was not a problem. The problem i have its that im getting this weird massage 

"async clipboard api is not supported or clipboard read access is denied (do you use HTTPS?)" ps not sure if thats the problem but it dosent give me any error and thats the only thing the debug its giving me

Im using windows 2016. Tcadmin version


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When I click on this button:
RDP - Remote Desktop Connection (service user)

Opens a new window and with this message:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Have I overlooked something during the setup???

Connection with "RDP - Remote Desktop Connection" works!!


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