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Looking for a new host...


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Can only one point me to a couple of good dedicated server host. Im looking for a dedicated server in dallas with a good backbone. Our host is just not cutting it anymore. I hate it when they lie to us that theres noting wrong when there is. The server we have right now is a dual xeon 3.6 with 2gb of ram. Looking for something the same or a bit better.



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Check out LimeStoneNetworks. We have a box with them, fantastic performance, but anyone that these people suggested are probably just as good.


I will second Limestone Networks aka LSN. We have their top box and it runs everything we throw at it just fine. The 8GB of RAM and Core2Quad are great performance for the price we pay.

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Maybe we could help :D.

Also LSN ( lime stone networks ) also work great.

the Q9300 is actually a Q9400 :D


You lucked out on that as well? Always nice to see hardware better than advertised. My only problem is that we have CPUs with only 6MB of L2 Cache and I swear I noticed the difference because of that between our older X3220 based server (8MB L2) and this Q9400.

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