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Arma 2


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Anyone here have access to the ARMA 2 beta and is running any servers? Looks like its a pretty cool game. Just wanted to start a thread since its release date is June 26th. Would be nice to have a working config before the game actually hits the shelves.

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Startup command line is pretty much the same, config.cfg has some different stuff is all.




Don't ask since closed BETA's mean CAN NOT RELEASE!


The games already been released to the public just not in the U.S. so I'd gather the beta testing is over..?

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I have them running, however had to install the entire game to the server of course. If they dont release dedicated files it will flop just like the last one.



hmm.. Not sure what your doing different.. We host quite a few arma servers and never had to install the game to the remote servers.. ?

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Guest louise

We neither if anyone is looking to run a ArmA 2 server before the server files

Here is a small taste of the command line


-server -config=yourconfig.cfg -profiles=profiles -name=name -ip=%serverip% -port=%serverport% -netlog


i cannot post the config sorry :)

but anyone with a brain should be able to work it out from the old one or from here


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thanks I have downloaded it an perfectly workin but....


the arma2server.exe is version 1.01 and there is a German (only German) patch 1.01.


I have the EU version, I have to install also the german patch ? or simply copy the arma2server.exe in the folder of the originale Arma 2 1.0 server ?

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