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All Counter Strike Servers don't start


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I'm running 10 CS Servers and they don't start. All the other CS NS or CSS servers are starting fine.


The error is:


Unable to initialize Steam


I saw this error trough the Desktop of the server enabling the "Interact With Desktop function". I've already ran Steam Update and also installed Steam on the server (:confused:) but not even doing that it works.


Best Regards

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All TCAdmin does is start the executable with the commandline you specify. After that it's on its own.


If the server will not start you will need to look for support in the STEAM forums not via our support system. We do not support gameservers, only our software.

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If the game without TCAdmin runs with no problem and in the TCAdmin enviroment isn't starting very well, maybe something needs to be corrected, dunno.

Your Answer....

Most likely there is a problem with your TCADMIN configuration. ;)


Add me on msn/xfire or send me a email and i will take a look for you if you want

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Well, GS-Liam was really amazing spending time with me to check the problem. As it will confirm, this HAS TO be related with something wrong on TCAdmin:


When starting in the desktop with EXACTLY the same command line as in TCAdmin the result is the server running very well:




After that I closed the HLDS console and started it trough TCAdmin with the Interact With Desktop option On, and the result is:



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Jason, Like I said you were using a port already used by another Server, I think it's a CSS server in fact, try using another port that you're sure not running:


27067 (It's the port I'm using on the testing server and it's Stopped now)


Or anything else like for eg 2900.


Of course if you use a port already used It won't start.

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Correct, it wasnt anything to do with the firewall blocking any ports as the server was running fine in desktop mode, so just want to rule that out before anyone suggests that :)


also the bat file doesnt chuck any errors at us when was started in the C:\userfiles\Admin...... location, because its then not using a port thats already in use

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