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My experience with TCAdmin after 13 months


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TCAdmin is a super product with support that cannot be matched. Every one of my customers love TCAdmin and all have complimented it. TCA has helped my business grow and saved me numerous hours of administration time. With it's modular design, TCA is simple to add a newly released game, or to add an additional server to. It is worth every single penny of it's cost.




The TCAdmin crew have been very good at adding in additional features requested by us and has usually fixed in a matter of hours any bugs that have cropped up. And most so called bugs I have experienced, or others have posted about, are not actual bugs but rather a misconfiguration by the end user. The support here can not be matched. The few support questions and/or problems I have had, have been answered with in a few hours max, and most of the time, within minutes. Not many software developers can hold a candle to the excellent support provided by the TCadmin staff.




From my personal experience of using TCAdmin since it's early beta testing days, March '05 (I used Luis' prior gamepanel since it was at beta 2), TCA is not really designed for the GSP who only has one or two boxes. But it can be successfully used this way and can be used as a building block and tool for a successful business. TCAdmin is targeted for the GSP who has multiple servers, especially in multiple locations, to save them time and thus money on setup and administration. For this it works great. You must know how to setup, manage and run a game you are hosting thru a command line before you attempt to use a config file posted here. You must also have or know where to find the server files for your game. If you do not know how to host a particular game without TCA, then with TCA, you should not even be thinking about attempting to host it. TCA is NOT a GSP in a box. If that is what you need, then a competing product may serve your needs better.




I see multiple posts here asking for config files. A majority are from the same users who have only a handful of posts, and most of their posts have been of this type. Then there are many users who have posted helpful suggestions or advice, config files, ideas and helped many TCA users greatly. Look at the registered users here. A high percentage of them are no longer in business, the links for their sites are no longer active. Why is this? It is definitely not because they were using TCAdmin. It is because running a GSP is not a cakewalk. You cannot lease a server, advertise yourself as a GSP and then sit back and watch the money start rolling in. Sad, but that is the way too many so called GSP's think the GSP business is about.




The integration of TCAdmin and ModernBill is superb. This is a real time saver once you have both ModernBill and TCAdmin configured properly. The configuration is not difficult, but it is time consuming, caused mainly by the setup of MB itself. If ModernBill is outside of the scope of your budget or skill level, then you do not need it. You can always set up a server manually with TCA and still save yourself some time. When you have grown enough that you need MB, by then you should be able to afford MB and have the technical skills to properly set it up. I was going to suggest someone could write their own plugin order/billing scripts for TCA, but if they cannot properly set up MB, then they probably do not have the programming skills needed for that either. An Excel spreadsheet works fine for those just starting out.




There are no other products on the market that can compare to the many features or support provided by TCAdmin. I can not wait to see what TCAdmin has in store around the corner.




Note: This post originally started as a responce to a request posted in the forum, but I got a bit off topic and wordy. I felt it fit here better :smile:

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I second that.


We have been with tcadmin since the early beta (i think in fact the first beta?) tcadmin is one of the defining features of our service. Just as many say "teamspeak with every purchase" we can apply the same context to "tcadmin with every server"




Great product and top support. Also love how these guys have remained faithful to promoting tcadmin as an aide to a GSP business and not a "GSP in a box" as so many people seem to want.




Love you guys!!!111!11!!!!!oneone!!1!111!!eleven

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My english is not very good like Dougk94 to write a so long message :smile:




But for me is the some I work with Tcadmin company from the first version and never and never I had contact with a company with a best support.




Tcadmin is the number one in the world after gamesclan :smile:




look my signature




Thanks Kevin , and Thanks LFA



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My experiences aswell have been great! My support issues internally have dropped approx. 75% with some of our specific buggy titles.


Support from TCA staff has been nothing less than spectacular. Prompt and polite responses to my minimal ticket submissions, and I have always gotten the answer I needed. Most of which was either a misconfig or user error on my part.



By far the most superior product to any other out there I have seen. Keep up the good work fella's

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Well, as it is in my nature, I learned the hard way how much easier life can be when there is a product like this that is backed with a solid team that knows their business. When I first chose to try TCADMIN I learned very quickly how solid this company is. I was under the assumption that I would be dealing with many different staff members that all range in expertise and experience. This has always been my experience with other companies. With one support ticket, I learned how important their product is to them. Like Doug stated above, this product is not a GSP in a box. As it shouldnt be. It has been designed very well and is easy to configure for anyone that is familiar with running a game server. My first impression wasn't great until I began to understand what this is and what this isn't. If you are a customer looking for a serious game panel that is here to stay then TCADMIN is the way to go.


Eric Ellsworth

Surreal Game Server Hosting

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I for one have not used TCADMin as long as some of you, but I can tell you it is a super product. I have been a successful GSP for 4 years now and have come to TCADMIn just a few months back. Great Panel, Great Support and Fantastic Forums.


Thanks You TCADMIN

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Thought I would add our 2 pence worth in.


We have been a GSP for around 4 years, we have the inhouse skills to write our own applications and thats originally what we did, we had a working Windows / Linux Control panel, but the amount of time it takes to keep on top of new games / mods etc is impossible if you are busy also running a company, supporting your customers etc.


So, we took the plunge and purchased an enterprise licence and have been very happy with the support, the product, and everything Tcadmin offers us.


Now, we dont have to worry about development as the TCadmin team do that for us.


Keep up the good work, its all good.

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