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Request Bf2CC as secondary

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Well BF2CC Daemon can't be installed as a Secondary Application.




BF2CC Daemon is what controls the BF2 process.




If you are talking about BF2CC Rcon version - this should be relatively easy to do.




Right now we have it setup so that BF2CC Daemon is installed by default to control the bf2 process.




Tcadmin > BF2CC Daemon > BF2

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The secondary application can control the primary application? Not sure how this would work. Also it requires a lot more configuring to do it this way as well.




We've experienced when BF2 locks up and the Daemon doesn't catch it. The BF2CC Daemon becomes unaccessible as well. So with tcadmin customers can stop/start the Daemon process.




Also within tcadmin we've added Auto-MBL as a secondary application so customers can setup Auto-MBL themselves. They just need to setup the punksbusted username/password in the config file and start the auto-mbl server from the control panel. :smile:











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ECF could you please install on the test piattaform and release it as secondary, I am really sorry I couldn't help in testing because I am having holiday and I am connect with a cell phone , but will be a nice feature to offers to our user and sell more servers.




thanks anyway for your support

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I am assuming that BF2CC works in a similar fashion to the Black Bag Ops server manager for previous BF games. You can have the server manager run as it's own process, and the manager recognizes when the game is running. This allows users to restart the manager without stopping the game itself when it would lock or become unresponsive.






If BF2CC does not work this way, then it would be useless to set it up like that.




However, I have been speaking with another ranked provider who tells me that it can be set as a secondary app and work properly.

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Hi everyone,


Im having issues when starting the bf2cc...


I can start the bf2 server but cant see how can i start the bf2cc as main app.


What should i do for doing it??


Is it difficult? since its the first time im trying to setup a bf2 server.


If someone can give me a little help ill aprecciate.



Thkx in adnvance

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Here is my BF2cc TCAdmin config. It turns on BF2cc and from there the client will need to login and turn on the game server. It will automatically creates a admin daemon account on port 4712 with the user - admin and pass - password. Tell your clients to change the password after the server is created since this is just the default password. Put bf2cc within a folder called bf2cc within the BF2 folder.

Battlefield 2 - Non Ranked v1.41.txt

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Hi fellas quite new at this but im getting it :).Anyways this bf2cc ??? Am i to put the bf2cc in my bf2 folder where my game install is or am to put it in the users bf2 folder or can u provide a point a-b instructions on the proceedure to apply this application thx

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This is the error I get in loop:


[24/08/2009 19:51:43] SYSTEM BF2 process has stopped on Map: Unable to Query Map Name

[24/08/2009 19:51:43] SYSTEM Process terminated waiting for 10 seconds before restart.

[24/08/2009 19:51:53] SYSTEM Server Start Check: Checking RCON port: 6711

[24/08/2009 19:51:54] SYSTEM Check passed!

[24/08/2009 19:51:55] SYSTEM Server is starting in NON RANKED mode.

[24/08/2009 19:51:55] SYSTEM Starting in: C:\GameServers\ADMIN\GameServers\TC15714156681358866674775\BF2RK\

[24/08/2009 19:51:55] SYSTEM Starting Mod: bf2

[24/08/2009 19:51:55] SYSTEM Started file: Bf2_w32ded.exe

[24/08/2009 19:51:56] SYSTEM BF2 process is starting

[24/08/2009 19:51:56] SYSTEM Restarting process

[24/08/2009 19:51:58] SYSTEM BF2 process has stopped on Map: Unable to Query Map Name

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