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I don't own the game, thus I have no access to the dedicated server files. I can't create the config, but I'll be glad to help with any questions. It's not difficult setting up a config. You basically only need to know these things:

- The game servers executable file

- Ports that are going to be used

- Query protocol

- Config and/or commandline

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Bought the game last night to have a look at this.

Good news - It took less than 20 minutes to have a working config going.

Bad news - It doesn't seem like there's a working good way to make queries to the server (every information can however be seen in an xml response on the query port using the internal http server), so I've asked Luis if he could perform some magic for us :)

It's working though.


Don't expect that the config will be uploaded this weekend - I want to get a response from Luis before I upload this config, and it's weekend now :)

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Luis have implemented a working query protocol for Rising World, so everything is working now. :)

However, the query protocol is not yet implemented into TCAdmin (but it will be in the next update, I think). I'm not going to tell how to update the control panel with the new query protocol - that way I won't have to be responsible if someone mess up their installation :)

Wait till the next update, and then the config will be released.

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