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Arma 3 - Updated Steam Friendly (SOON)


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Figured I'd make one myself and share it with you lads.


The information in short

  • Uses SteamCMD, anonymous! Doesn't require ownership of game.
  • Do note; because it is dedicated server files only. It has no mission to start with! Download one from armaholic
  • Change the line "template="co40 AW Invade & Annex 2.88 BETA.Stratis"" in server.cfg to the right mission you download, or just download the same one and put it in /mpmissions
  • Query support all set up.
  • Sadly no web console, nothing I can do about that for Windows.
  • RCon control ready! Server is setup so all it takes is the IP:Port and RCon PW that you pick at order/creation. Use battlewarden , it's a free and popular arma/dayz rcon tool.


I also created a special mail template where I added in the battlewarden bit;

Just base it off of new game server and added in this:


"To get the most out of your server, be sure to use an RCon tool like Battlewarden

It's a free tool, you can use it to perform a lot of duties. Such as chat, kick, ban and manage the server.

Just connect via IP and Port, then use the Admin/RCon PW you filled in at ordering."


As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated. I will update the config accordingly.


Maybe someday soon I'll make a config editor out of the server.cfg

arma3 - Windows.xml

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