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7 Days To Die Windows V2 Final


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Updated For Alpha 13 - See this thread: http://clientforums.tcadmin.com/showthread.php?p=74382#post74382


Hey guys,


- Custom command line + custom config and admin xml names so that game updates do not overwrite these.

- All Mods/new gameservers are done via variables so all icons etc are given to the correct port. This took a fair amount of work on my part, so if you change a port to a custom one and things don't work, I won't officially help you.

- Gametracker Enabled For 7DTD

- Allocs Server Fixes Added To Mod Installer For 1 click Install + Allocs Webserver - Turned out it was also made for Windows, and adds various fixes. Including saving the world every now and then so if your server crashes you have a more recent save.

- Allocs server Fixes WORKING Uninstaller. On Mod install it automatically renames the core dll file it's going to replace to a .bak when the mod is uninstalled it deletes the one used by the mod, and auto-renames the .bak to the original. This way you have a backup if the mod doesn't work correctly and don't have to re-install the gameserver.

- Allocs server fixes web interface icon. - Make sure ports are open. A variable I added auto makes sure that this uses +2 from the gameport.

- 7 Days To Die Web Interface Icon

- Backup World + Icon - Saves to backup directory

- Backup Config Files + Icon - Backs up the custom server config and admin config in the 7dtdsaves folder and also all the xml files in Data/Config

- Added/Fixed from previous version the save directory not working correctly and the files being saved in the complete wrong place. Now the files are saved in the users/customers gameserver directory. This was a must-fix as it messed up literally everything. Eg: C:\Users\tcagame\1\fileshere. Before it tried to default to "My Documents". As you can imagine this was a nightmare.

- All "world" files save to "7dtdsaves" an admin file will not be generated in there until the server is started atleast once. The admin file in there is the one that needs to be modified. The one in the main directory is just a template and can be deleted.

- Upon a steam update, you may have a serverconfig.xml and new admin file spawn in the root directory, that's how 7dtd works it overwrites everything but luckily for us we have custom ones, but to avoid confusion. Delete them. Also delete the custom file in the root directory to save you from forgetting and editing that one instead of the one in the 7dtd directory.

- Various other optimizations and tweaks.


- Stop delay is still set to 7 seconds, and "shutdown" is put in text console. Left them there just in case, but in all honesty I think it's useless and doesn't actually do anything. If the server restarts/crashes your server progress may roll back, this feature was designed to stop that, but it doesn't work and the only other option is via telnet, which I really can't be bothered to figure out how to implement. So instead, my recommended fix is to install allocs fixes on all live servers, because it auto-saves the world fairly frequently, and makes things more stable anyway.


A lot of hard work went into this, this is the final version as there isn't that much it's missing/unless people do randomly decide to offer advice or help, as I was previously ignored before. Anyway, even so it's pretty automated already, there's not a great deal this config is missing. Either way here you go, a simple thank you would be nice.


All icons are hosted on my webserver, so if my server ever goes down so do your icons. How to fix this? Download them, and place them on your own webserver, and change the custom icon url in tcadmin to point to yours. Here's a link to the file for al the icons. I will also add it as an attatchment on here.




AllocsServerFixes are updated frequently and are also downloaded from my server, if you need a new version, change the download links to their servers in the game config > mods settings, and if that doesn't work, do what I had to do > Download the tar gz, extract> put all files into a .zip > upload to own webserver and put the new link into the allocs server fixes download url in the config mod settings.



There is a chance that not everything works, like I said I haven't had the time to test literally everything, if something doesn't work or you do need help, I will give it if you ask nicely.



EDIT: It has just come to my attention that some of the functionality is missing due to missing icons, this is due to the fact that when you export a config it doesn't seem to keep these. To return this core functionality and to make yours look like the screenshot below:



You need to head over to the custom links section of the game config and add these two custom links:




7DTD Webpanel needs to have: http://$[service.IpHostname]:$[service.CustomPort1] - Icon URL If not on your server use: http://imageshere.co.uk/dc.png

Allocs server fixes needs to have: http://$[service.IpAddress]:$[service.CustomPort3] - Icon URL If not on your server use: http://imageshere.co.uk/fc.png




Kind Regards,

Jerome Haynes



Alpha 12 Update - New Config File Uploaded To Replace Current One As Attatchment.

7DTD Win - Windows.xml

Edited by jeromehaynes
Alpha 12 Update
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Jerome, I applaud you and respect you deeply for making all this.

I know how time consuming and research heavy it all is. Let's not forget the constant trial and error that can test the patience of a soul.


This is a wonderfully flourishing list of features that goes far beyond the basics.

Extremely well done and of course, thank you for sharing.


Don't ever get frustrated with the lack of people helping you, Dennis is a guru that is willing to help, I myself am roughly the same. Ask away and you will always receive my help.


Once again, I applaud you.

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Thank you for the kind words Razio! I can't help but get frustrated at people, because whilst I'm not exactly lacking in technical skills, there are some things that people know the answer to that could give it in seconds rather than me spending hours trying to work out one thing, that and the fact that I dislike ms-dos/batch scripting so everytime i come across it it always ends up in lots of googling. (I'm used to CentOS 6 server command line and know day-day tasks like the back of my hand.) I have to say that after learning a lot of CentOS, ms-dos seems very backwards and non-sensical to me. But anyway I digress! I'm fairly happy with this as a config for now, and to be quite honest I don't know if the backup features entirely work correctly as I had to modify the script a fair amount, but if they do, is that not all a client needs? if a client can't even delete the old files and copy some other ones in from another directory then they're just asking a little too much. Even if I did manage to get the restore features working, it has a tendancy to overwrite files, or do something not quite right anyway just because some people have a personal preference of what files they want to keep. So Just having backup working in my head makes more sense. I'm also considering very soon, if I get a altis life rpg copy working, automating it into a 1 click mod installer. Because hell it would make my life a whole lot easier.


Thank You again! :')

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I've made some improvements/optimisations to the config.


- Changed Installation Type of Alloc's Server Fixes to 'Silent' (removed an extra step which wasn't necessary)

- Now getting Alloc's Server Fixes locally (remember to put them in the TCA.Mods folder)

- Allowed permissions to Log Viewer

- Allowed permissions to Mods

- Allowed permissions to reinstall service

- Allowed permissions to repair file permissions

- Changed Run As to 'User per Service'

- Created tons of variables

- Used tons of variables to create an avanced configuration editor

- Changed short name to 'SDTD'

- Changed name to '7 Days to Die'


Good job, jeromehaynes :)

SDTD - Windows.xml

Edited by DennisMidjord
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When I have time I will definetely take a look at your version Dennis! Also, I'm having an issue trying to figure out how to make sure it uses custom ports if it's using a different ip on the same server. The issue is the web cp and allocs server fixes cp port changes fine if it's the same ip you're creating a server on as it adds the port increment. But if the servers using multiple ip's it tries to assign same custom ports and server port when those are in fact already in use on that network.

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... I just noticed that it didn't export some of the things... :D


Any ideas for what I said? :')


And for your version, or my version? If you're on about the one you did, read the changelog I added at the top to do with a export bug, and manually update to the latest version (




Kind Regards,

Jerome Haynes

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After the last update, a slot count of 8 is appearing as 28 in tcadmin!?!

And I think it's running as 28 because the CPU usage is a lot higher now.

serverconfig.xml files all have maxplayers as 8.

Happening to anyone else? Or is it a bug?


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